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For chlorine, taste, odor, organic chemical and lead removal. When your customers demand the very best quality for their process, select Harmsco activated carbon cartridges with high carbon content for superior performance and long life.  All cartridges individually wrapped.

Filter Media: Composite of pulverized activated carbon and polyolefin fibers, bonded with wet molding process to eliminate channeling.
Micron Rating: Five (5) micron nominal
Temperature: 170 F (70 C) limit.
Types: Standard activated carbon and activated carbon with lead removal.
Removes: Chlorine, organic chemical, bad tastes, foul odors, turbidity, sediment, rust particles and lead wit lead removal cartridge.

Code Length No/Case Ship Wt.
Standard Cartridges (2-3/4" OD)
HAC-10-W 9-3/4" 24 30 lbs.
HAC-20-W* 20" 24 30 lbs.

* For competitive housings. Will not fit Harmsco housings.

Big-Blue cartridges (4-1/2" OD)

HAC-BB-10-W 9-3/4" 8 14 lbs.
HAC-BB-20-W 20" 4 12 lbs.
Activated carbon plus removal cartridges (2-3/4" OD
HAC-10-LR-W 9-3/4" 24 18 lbs.
Note: Hurricane activated carbon cartridges available.

Prices are subject to change

Total Gallons

Test data generated by independent laboratory at 1 GPM using test procedures described in NSF Standard 42.  Average chlorine feed at 2 ppm using HAC-10-W cartridge.


Harmsco activated carbon cartridges have high carbon content to provide superior performance and long life compared to other brands. Chlorine removal performance data is shown below.

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